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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Japan Energy Policy Nuclear Industry Donated Billions of Yen to Universities

Kyoto University8国立大電力業界から18億円

Eight former national universities in Japan received donations totaling 1.74 billion yen from utilities and other power industry members over the past five years.

The donations were targeted at universities doing research in nuclear engineering - and a source of expertise for the Nuclear Regulatory Agency.

The universities were:

University of Tokyo (560 million yen, or roughly $6.3 million US dollars)
Tohoku University (417 million yen)
Nagoya University (251 million yen)
Kyoto University (212 million yen), pictured above right
The Tokyo Institute of Technology (104 million yen)
Kyushu University (83 million yen)
Osaka University (79 million yen)
Hokkaido University (38 million yen)

According to the universities, the above funds were used to purchase equipment and cover researchers' travel expenses.

All eight utilities - including Tokyo Electric Power Co. - and Japan Atomic Power Co., nuclear reactor makers such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. and Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy Ltd., and other power-related companies and organizations made donations.

And one wonders why there are so few alternate sources of energy in Japan - or cycling lanes in Kyoto.


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