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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kyoto Ramen Road

Udon noodles Kyoto自転車でラメん街道へ

Kyoto is not particularly known for its ramen noodles.

Yes, it is the capital of "kaiseki ryori," the ancient court fare that garners many Michelin stars around the city.

However, for simple and reasonable noodles, Kyoto holds its own.

And in the Ichijoji area, Kyoto residents are spoiled for choice.

In and around Higashi Oji Dori, which is a short walk from Ichijoji Station, are roughly 30 ramen restaurants.

For those cycling, head north from City Hall until you get to Kita Oji Dori. Turn right.

From there, ride cross the Kamo River and then the Takano River. You will pass a large Izumiya shopping center on your right (south side).

At the first major intersection, Higashi Oji Dori, turn left and head north. This is the Ramen Road, and you will quickly realize why.

The area is home to many students, and the ramen shops price accordingly.

Note: the photo is of udon noodles, not ramen, and the restaurant was in Arashiyama not Ichijoji.

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