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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kyogoku Yu Public Bath Kyoto

Kyogoku sento Kyoto自転車で京極湯へ

Here is a classic neighborhood public bath in north central Kyoto.

Kyogoku Yu is just east of Senbon Dori, and a few blocks south of Imadegawa.

It is old and it is a real local place.

Foreigners are not an object of fascination in Kyoto city anymore, and thus there is rarely any staring or calls of "Hello" (more like "Ha-ro, Ha-ro") from strangers.

However, both times I have been to this sento older men made a point of asking questions and making statements that betrayed complete lack of familiarity with anything beyond a few blocks of their home and their tv remote.

Still, the building is great and baths hot.

Here is a map.


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