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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bicycle Book Review Need for the Bike

book-cover書評「Need for the Bike」

Need for the Bike takes readers and riders into a world that revolves around the bicycle.

All people and things move via the bike.

The book is, to quote from its blurb: "...extended meditation on cycling as a practice of life, the book recalls a country doctor who will not anesthetize the young Fournel after he impales himself on a downtube shifter, speculates about the difference between animals that would like to ride bikes (dogs, for instance) and those that would prefer to watch (cows, marmots), and reflects on the fundamental absurdity of turning over the pedals mile after excruciating mile. At the same time, Fournel captures the sound, smell, feel, and language of the reality and history of cycling, in the mountains, in the city, escaping the city, in groups, alone, suffering, exhausted, exhilarated."

Fournel writes well on the myriad pleasures of cycling.

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