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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kyoto Autumn Festival 2012 October 26 - 28

Heian Torii Gate岡崎オータムフェスタ2012

There is more good news for art-loving night owls.

Over the weekend of October 26 - 28, the Okazaki area of Kyoto will be lit up with beautiful akari lamps.

Okazaki is of course home to Heian Shrine and three of Kyoto's best museums: Hosomi, Kyoto Municipal Art Museum, and the National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto. All of these museums will be open until 9 pm.

The area is a short ride from central Kyoto.

The akari lights will be on from 6 - 9 pm, and laid out from Sanjo Dori all the way to Heian Shrine, and then jog down to the Hosomi Musuem.

In addition, there will be special lighting set up near the museums.


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