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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cycling Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa Japan自転車で琵琶湖一周

Winter is not far off, but this is perhaps the best time of year to ride the Lake Biwa circuit.

Biwako is Japan's largest fresh water lake.

The area around Otsu, just over the hill from Kyoto, is fairly industrial. However, the rest of the ride is beautiful.

For much of the 270 km ride bike lanes or little used rural roads hug the lake.

Except for the northern end of the lake - and the bump you have to get over from Kyoto - there are no hills.

Museums, wild life, hot springs, and many historical sites are along the route.

It can be done in two days and one night, or at a more leisurely pace in three days and two nights. (We even know a few young guys that did the whole thing in a single day).


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