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Friday, October 19, 2012

Kyoto Kiyomizu Yaki Pottery Festival Fair Yamashina

Slow down京都清水焼の郷

It's rare that we say this, but now is the time for a ride over the Sanjo Dori hill for a trip to Yamashina.

Other than as a way station en route to Lake Biwa or on the ride out to Daigoji Temple, Yamashina is not the most appealing area of Kyoto by a long shot.

However, this weekend - actually Friday to Sunday - Yamashina hosts the annual Kiyomizu-yaki Danchi Pottery Festival.

At the Kiyomizu Yaki Pottery Festival Fair, stalls will be displaying and selling beautiful Kiyomizu-yaki ceramics.

The name of the pottery - Kiyomizu - betrays its geographic origins, close to Kiyomizu Temple. However, since the 1960s the kilns have moved out of the city - regulations the city imposed on kilns required this - to Yamashina or farther out to Shiga.

Thus, Kiyomizuyaki is now mostly made in Yamashina.

In addition to shopping, there will be chances to make pottery, and there will be live music.


October 19 - 21
9:30 am - 6 pm

For those taking public transportation, there are buses running from Kyoto Station directly to the venue, 3-4 times an hour. For those going via JR Yamashina and the subway stop underneath, take Kyoto City Bus #29 from there.


For cyclists, ride up and over Sanjo Dori, past the Westin Hotel on your right and Nanzenji Temple (on your left but not visible from Sanjo). After cresting the hill, you will cruise downhill until Yamashina Station is a half block down to the left.

Turn right going away from the station. With the station at your back, head until you get to Tokai Dori. The bullet train tracks parallel this. Turn right, heading back towards central Kyoto. Follow the tracks. Just before the large road, the old route from Edo to Kyoto (Tokaido, or Tokai Dori), bends to the right, turn left and go under the bullet train tracks. Ride along this road away from the tracks until it bends sharply to the left. Turn right at that point. The hall is up the street on your right.


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