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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kyoto City Subway and Buses in Black for Third Year in a Row

kyoto subway京都市3年連続で黒字 12年度決算、地下鉄や市バス改善

In other Kyoto transportation news, the city announced that in fiscal 2012 the city bus and subway system was 170 billion yen (roughly $170 million) in the black. That is up from 85 billion yen in the black in the previous year.

The source for this, a Kyoto Shinbun article, did not note the reason(s) for the improvement in finances of the city's main public forms of public transportation.

The article focused on arcane data that would please an accountant, but we wonder:

Was it because of cuts in service?
Increased ridership?
Better management?
More tourists?


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