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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Purse Snatching in Uji Bicycle

20130703110655hittakuri宇治西部中心にひったくり多発 1ヵ月半で17件

In the tourist town of Uji, outside of Kyoto, there were 17 cases of purse snatching from May 22 to the end of June.

Most were carried out by men on scooters who stealthily approach from behind a person on foot or on a bike.

For those on bikes in Japan - especially older women out shopping - a protective net is de rigueur. You strap it on the top of your bike basket so that your purse or belongings cannot be taken.

Many of the incidents took place in the vicinity of the JR Nara line. The total amount of cash taken was 400,000 yen ($4,000).

Of the 17 victims, 16 were women. Ten of them were riding a bicycle at the time of the theft.

Japan is still much much safer than the almost any country in the world. However, there is a fair amount of bike theft and purse snatching.

Photo©Kyoto Shinbun


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