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Monday, July 29, 2013

Osaka Summer Sonic 2013 Rock Festival


Summer in Japan means the end of rainy season, fireworks, scorching heat, school "ending" around July 20 (and starting up around August 25), noisy cicadas, the sun rising at 4:30 am, watermelon, and big rock festivals.

Here in western Japan, Osaka Summer Sonic is one of the nation's biggest rock galas.

This year on August 10 and 11, in both Osaka and Tokyo, the following bands - and many more - will be performing at the annual "Summer Sonic."

Linkin Park
John Legend
Mr. Children
Smashing Pumpkins
Cheap Trick
Earth, Wind, and Fire
Cyndi Lauper
Pet Shop Boys
The Ventures

The Osaka Lineup can be found here.

There are multiple venues, all on Maishima Island, which is accessible via Sakurajima Station on the Saukurajima subway line.


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