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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Osaka Tenjin Matsuri Fireworks


Fireworks in Japan have a long and storied history. They are thought to have been first used to ward off evil spirits, and today are a key element in a Japanese summer (fireworks only occur in summer).

At the major events, hundreds of thousands of people will attend, often near a river.

In the Kansai area, the most famous of the fireworks takes place tonight in Osaka.

From 7:25 pm until 10 pm, the skies above the Ogawa River will light up in a display of reds, yellows, blues, and many more colors.

The Tenjin Matsuri Festival fireworks is the climax to the festival itself, which is one of Japan's Big Three (Gion in Kyoto and Tokyo's Kanda are the other two).

It is an impressive display.

The best places to view the fireworks are are from Minami Tenma and Kema Sakuranomiya Parks, or from a friend's high-rise apartment.

It is a fabulous display, but be warned: wherever you go there will be tens of thousands of people.

Cycling is not recommended.

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