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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kyoto Gion Festival Traffic Restrictions

20130708232300kisei10日から交通規制 祇園祭で京都府警

Starting tomorrow traffic restrictions go into effect in central Kyoto. This is so that the Gion Matsuri (Festival) floats can be put out in the streets in preparation for the Yoiyama night-time festival and Gion Festival itself.

The restrictions will be in place until July 18.

For those that can read Japanese, the map at right highlights the streets in which restrictions will be implemented.

For the three nights of the Yoiyama festival - from July 14 - 16 - the Shijo - Karasuma intersection and surrounding area will be closed to vehicles between 6 pm - 11 pm.  Cyclists should also stay clear of this area as it will be packed with hundreds of thousands of revelers on foot.

In addition, 3200 Kyoto police will be on hand to maintain order.

For those cycling, park along Oike and then wade into the crowd on foot.


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